Investment offer

Industrial areas


Our investment park is located in the northern part of Rumia, in close vicinity to the Port of Gdynia, national road S7, Lech Walesa Airport in Gdansk, the Tri-City ring road and the railroad siding belonging to the fuel depot No. 21 in Debogórze. In the immediate vicinity, the construction of the Via Maris Road is planned, which will connect our area with the Red Road and the Port of Gdynia. The investment area is part of the Port Logistic Valley.

The planned land use provides an opportunity for development and creation of SME enterprises, as well as industrial plants, service and logistics companies. Both the size and the location allow creating elements of an intermodal terminal for the Port of Gdynia.

Plot characteristics
  • Purpose of the area: production and service development areas
  • Area: 7.15 ha
  • Level difference: flat terrain 
  • Size of plot development: max. 80%, maintaining 5% of biologically active Surface
  • Building height: for technical and technological buildings any, for the remaining 18 m 
  • Ground water level: 1-1.2 m
Existing Infrastructure
  • Electricity: voltage - 15 kV, available capacity - 29 MW
  • Gas: calorific value – 40.679 MJ/Nm³, pipe diameter - 160 mm, available capacity - 500 Nm³/h
  • Water for industrial purposes on site: available capacity - 300 m³/24h
  • Sewerage on site: available capacity - 300 m³/24h
  • Sewage treatment plant in the immediate vicinity

Human capital

A huge asset of the region is the availability of qualified staff with unique competencies. According to data provided in the Statistical Yearbook of Pomorskie Voivodeship for 2019, the number of inhabitants in the region was 2,343,928 of which 59.77% were of working age.

The Pomeranian region is the leading academic centre in northern Poland. There are 24 higher education institutions here, educating in total more than 80,000 students, 20,000 of whom enter the labour market as graduates every year.

People of working age

The working age population constitutes 59.77% of the total population in Pomorskie Voivodeship

Highest level of education
  • 100 lower secondary trade schools educating 16,380 students
  • 106 technical schools educating 39,657 students
  • 24 higher education institutions educating 80,585 students
Specialized staff with unique competences
  • Graduates of basic vocational schools: 2,889 
  • Technical school graduates: 6,288
  • Higher education graduates: 20,776
Low unemployment rate

4,5 %

*) The above data on human capital in Pomeranian region are presented based on the Pomeranian Voivodeship Statistical Yearbook for 2019 of 31/12/2020.