About us

How do we work

The mission of the company is to prepare a professional, competitive
and collaborative offer for investors, characterised by:

flexible approach
to cooperation,
commitment to development of technical
and road systems,
and first of all – a win-win attitude
in partner relations.

About Rumia

Rumia is among the fastest growing cities of the Pomerania region in Poland. It is an important residential centre and transport hub in the Tri-City agglomeration, with population growing significantly year by year.

The immediate neighbourhood of Tri-City, good transport connections and the interesting location of the land make Rumia attractive for entrepreneurs, as well asfor people looking for a special place to live. Creating favourable conditions for establishing new businesses, as well as for expanding those already existing is one of the key directions in city development.

Rumia has over 130 hectares of concentrated investment land in its north-eastern part, which forms a natural support area for the Port of Gdynia under the “Logistic Valley” project. You can also find the attractive plots for housing, recreation & service development in the city.

Rumia Invest Park – a special-purpose vehicle established by the municipality in 2017 – is responsible for the development of the land and for creating and managing an industrial and logistic park there.

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